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CBD Body Cream
Barbershop Quartet-1000 mg-CBD Cream

Barbershop Quartet-1000 mg-CBD Cream

Barbershop Quartet: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Leather plus 1000mg of full spectrum CBD.

Our CBD body creams are made with the highest quality full spectrum CBD we can source. CBD is a naturally occurring derivative of the hemp plant (<.3% THC) and is an excellent remedy for many common ailments such as chronic pain, restlessness, arthritis, anxiety, and more.  Combine that with a non-greasy moisturizing cream and you’ve got yourself a game-changing product!

no side effects

No grogginess or side effects that many pain medications have.

natural anti inflammatory

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that directly heals inflammation commonly found in joints and muscles.

reduces muscle spasms

Helps with muscle spasms and tremors in addition to pain.