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CBD Body Cream
Barbershop Quartet-1000 mg-CBD Cream

Barbershop Quartet-1000 mg-CBD Cream

Barbershop Quartet: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Leather plus 1000mg of full spectrum CBD.

Our CBD body creams are made with the highest quality full spectrum CBD we can source. CBD is a naturally occurring derivative of the hemp plant (<.3% THC) and is an excellent remedy for many common ailments such as chronic pain, restlessness, arthritis, anxiety, and more.  Combine that with a non-greasy moisturizing cream and you’ve got yourself a game-changing product!

reduces muscle spasms

Helps with muscle spasms and tremors in addition to pain.

no side effects

No grogginess or side effects that many pain medications have.

quality ingredients

Quality matters! Our CBD creams are made with the absolute purest and highest quality full-spectrum CBD we can source and they always will be.